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 National Society of Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America, Inc.
Connecticut Chapter

Anthony Austin, MA
Christopher Avery, MA
William Avery, MA
Richard Bourne, MA
Henry Brooks, MA
Benjamin Burr, CT            
Francis Bushnell, CT
Samuel Corning, MA
Mattias Curwen, MA
John Cutler, MA
Dolor Davis, MA
Henry Doude, CT
William Fletcher, MA
Thomas Gridley, CT
Richard Holden, MA
James Lane, MA
William Lewis, Sr., CT
Thomas Little, MA
Nicholas Noyes, MA
Thomas Chamberlain, MA
John Martin, RI
Jan Joosten Van Meteren, NY
Thomas Miller, CT
Thomas Noble, MA
Capt. Michael Pierce, MA
Robert Ransom, MA
Andrew Ring, MA
John Russell, MA
George Smith, CT
John Stiles, CT
Samuel Stratton, MA
Antony Thacher, MA
Edward Thurston, RI
John Upham, VT
Robert Usher, CT
Cornelius Barentse Van Wyck, NY
William Willensen, NY
Thomas Wellman, MA 

Thomas Austin, CT
Amos Avery, CT
George Avery, NH
Shearjashub Bourne, RI
Simeon Brooks, CT
Nathanial Burr, CT
Nathaniel Bushnell, CT
Uriah Corning, CT
David Corwin, NY
John Cutler, MA
John Davis, MA
Jacob Doud, CT & Jesse Doud, VT
Joshua Fletcher, CT
Selah Gridley, CT
Lt. John Holden, MA
William Lane, MA
Isaac Lewis, CT & William Lewis, CT
Consider Little, CT
Bela Noyes, MA
Ephraim Chamberlain, MA
Edward Martin, RI
Abraham Van Metre, VA
Ichabod Miller, Jr, CT
Mark Noble, MA
Caleb Pierce, MA & RI
Pelatiah Ransom, CT
Eleazer Ring, MA
Jonathan Russell, Sr., MA
Nathan Smith, CT
Isaac Stiles, CT
John Stratton, CT
Roland Thacher, MA
Edward Thurston, RI Joseph Thurston, RI
Capt. William Upham, VA
Abijah Usher, MA
Major Richard Van Wyck, NY 
Nicholas Williamson, NY
Timothy Wellman, MA

​ With over 100 years of membership these are just a few of our members Founders & Patriots

These are our Ancestors who inspired us to become members of DFPA.  Members of this chapter that live in the New England area are still able to see glimpses of Colonial America around us.  The homes of the Revolutionary era and the significance of the names of the streets and towns we live in are direct ties to America's history.  We can only imagine the struggles and hardships our founder's and their families faced though harsh winters, muggy summers and granite gardens. 

These brave men understood the concept of freedom and with selfless dedication fought to carve out a new life for their families, under the principles of individual liberty and freedom from tyranny.  It is our duty to honor these men by keeping their legacy in our thoughts and to introduce future generations to America's history. 

Our Ancestors