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 National Society of Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America, Inc.
Connecticut Chapter

The Society seal of NSDFPA is from a lithograph called, "The Spirit of 76", incorporating the Latin motto, A PATRIA` CONDITA`,  "From the Founding of the Country". 

The Society colors Red, Buff, and Blue represent; Red for the Colonial Period, Blue and Buff representing the Continental uniform. The insignia has eight stars which represent the colonies established before 1657; Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Jersey. 

The two figures represent a Colonist and a Continental soldier.  
For over One Hundred Fifteen YearsThe Connecticut Chapter has supported the objectives of the National Society (NSDFPA) through:

• Congenial Fellowship - Women who support similar objectives which honor our ancestors who struggled together for life, liberty, home, and country during the Colonial and Revolutionary eras 

• Historical Preservation- To support a variety of projects that preserve our nation’s written records and heritage of these eras, and to recognize achievement in American History in schools

• Service to Country- To recognize or assist those in service to their country; ROTC, Military Academies, & Veterans.

We are proud that The Connecticut Chapter is the "First" Chapter to have been officially formed under The National Society of Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America (NSDFPA) on June 4, 1901.  

"No doubt, the Daughters of 1901 were just as proud of their Ancestors as we are of ours today"
*The National Society Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America was founded by Miss Eugenia Washington, co-founder of the Daughters of American Revolution, DAR in 1898.

Today Our Chapter:
Continues to support these same objectives that support the efforts of Historical, Patriotic, and Military projects, which includes assisting our Veterans. 

Meets to learn about history while promoting common patriotic values.

Seeks to help to preserve our Connecticut colonial heritage including; historical documents, books, church and family records.

We recognize achievement in American history in our local schools. 

What's Happening with Our Work in Progress? 
We Support these objectives in memory of our ancestors who resolved to form a better life for their families and to reminds us of the former Connecticut Daughters who valued these same objectives with the hope of us carrying forth the tradition of serving this chapter well. 
Organizations & Projects We Support:
The Fisher House Foundation, Inc
NSDFPA's National Service Project 2018-2021

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